Introducing PartyFinance

2 min readFeb 26, 2022

The PolkaParty platform, a cross-chain DAO which enables multiple users to group finances together and act as one, is now rebranding to Party Finance. The exciting features anticipated to allow users to collectively apply their capital are now on Party Finance.
Party Finance is the industry-changing DAPP that allows anybody the opportunity to establish or join a Party. With use cases ranging from fractional NFT ownership to shared trading profits, all is now made possible with the $pFi token.
Governance, competition, and rewards are as innate to Party Finance as they were to Polka Party. Choosing from Monarchy, Democracy or Weighted Democracy are still core features; just as are leaderboards, analytics and bonuses. Yet the crucial rebrand is the result of a well-thought effort by the team to have the platform truly reflect the ability for PartyGoers to onboard from multiple chains with their Party assets.
Every aspect of the aforementioned platform is still available on Party Finance. The already sold out and successful NFT collection, Party Apes, is now applicable on Party Finance; still guaranteeing holders a share of the revenue of the platform as it did with PolkaParty. The $POLP tokens are simply changing name over to $pFi while still maintaining the same application.
Moreover, improvements are to accompany Party Finance to set a distinction from its predecessor. Continuing in the NFT sector, Party Finance is set to release Party Punks, giving early access to the platform, and allocating over 50% cashback in $pFi token upon mint.
10,000 Party Punk NFTs in total will be minted to join the #PinkArmy, all appropriately having a pink background to go along with. Those that participate in #PushinPink will have a wide range of Party Punk rarities to possibly mint, including Aliens, Apes, Skeletons, Zombies, Ghosts, Females and Males. Party Punks will be minted on the Matic Blockchain via the Party Finance website itself. Minting prices depend on a number of factors such as: owning a V1 Party Punk allowing a mint price of 99USDC, avid Party Finance discord participants rewarded with a whitelist spot and a mint price of 149USDC; and finally, a public sale minting price of 199USDC.
Owners of Party Punks not only get early access to the Party Finance platform, but exclusive access to metaverse drops(avatars, metamerch) as well. A fierce marketing campaign can be anticipated for the #PinkArmy. Party Punks will be listed on rarity tools, rarity sniper, and other established NFT launch pads; with known influencers and recognized NFT projects collaborating to complement the release of Party Punks.
PartyGoers can now rightfully assume that the platform is not solely targeted for the PolkaDot ecosystem. Having originally being developed on Ethereum, Binance and Matic, later acquiring a partnership with Moonbeam; it is only natural that the name exhibit the ultimate financial party that Party Finance has become.
With the smart contracts further developed to make the platform truly decentralized, users and holders alike can ensure all platform related assets are transitioned smoothly to Party Finance for an even greater user experience. ($pFi)




The ultimate goal throughout the PartyFinance experience is allowing all users to become easily integrated into the entire ecosystem of DeFi.