Meet some of the PartyFinance team

3 min readFeb 26, 2022

No structure is strong without a sound foundation. No idea, valuable without execution. Similarly, no smart contract is implementable without being properly forged during its inception. Every step is a direct result of the players that paved the way. Each key position fulfilled by the core members of the Party Finance Team ($pFI), cements its novel and innovative method, providing group finance for Web3.
Curating marketing strategy and bringing a fresh perspective to Party Finance is Amaya Hardy. A keen eye for detail-oriented solutions and “making shit pretty”, bringing a consumer point of view to Party Finance is a sure-fire way to great and easy user interactivity.
Strengthening public persona and acting Marketing Manager, Alireza Khan has an impressive background that crystallizes the Party’s mission. Beginning with companies such as Lloyd’s Register, Aegon, and Baker Tilly, Khan has taken those experiences and applied them to a multitude of crypto projects. As a business advisor and development manager in the space for Million Dollar Vault, Yondo Mondo, and Lunar Group; bringing his assets to pFi are truly going to make it a Party.
Managing social media and furthering $pFI’s community outreach, Dillon Heaney provides over 10 years of high fashion sales (Selected Homme, Tommy Hilfiger). Compound this with an expertise and focus ranging from success in the real estate market to now conquering the crypto sphere, the entrepreneurial spirit has the Party raging full steam ahead to the break of dawn.
Naturally, with a platform that provides endless possibilities for PartyGoers, creativity and personalization are innate aspect of group finance. Adz/@ShaolinKungFu brings experience with user customization in mind. An owner of a multi-media production company and a prodigy of all things artistic, Adz/@ShaolinKungFu not only helps users understand $pFI’s applications, but implores other organizations for partnerships through an industry renowned branding consultancy.
As a digital asset aficionado, and Head of NFT Development; Luke Kelleher is the focal point behind the already sold out Party Apes (giving owners a share of the platforms revenue) and is now gearing up to provide another opportunity with PartyPunks (giving early platform access, special perks, and 50% cash back upon mint in the $pFI token).
Perfection is key with smart contracts, and making the Party appealing for all users lies on the front end. Beginning with a software engineering internship in 2012 and now “never being able to get out of blockchain development even if he wanted to”, Eli is a powerhouse of a Fullstack Developer; helping to bring the best Party possible to all PartyGoers.
JA Castro has extensive history in the tech sector. Originally helping to cofound a health-tech startup in Peru, and acquiring funding from the World Bank. Lending his ample experience as the CTO of Party Finance, merges his enthusiastic obsession with expert blockchain development into an active part of the interior of the platform.
And naturally, if one is a CFO, passion about finances is a pre-requisite. Colton Hatcher originally began as a stockbroker in Sydney Australia, soon migrating to full time cryptocurrency trading after soon realizing the ground breaking implementations like the rest of us. Hatcher raises capital for the Party through venture crowd funding and secured finances to expand the Party to its truest potential.
Being COO is the glue of the team. Managing daily activities, planning and executing strategy, and implementing innovative consumer psychology. As a prominent, established, and result driven force in the sector; Jamie Gardner has a track record of success that propels Party Finance to new heights. Implementing ample marketing plans (for clients and projects alike) and owning a successful financial consulting company, the Party is guaranteed to be heard from down the block.
The Brad Pitt of crypto, Mr. Party Starter himself; as CEO and founder of Party Finance ($pFI), Timothy Baldwin has taken the idea of group finance and turned it into a reality. With an extensive career beginning with production at Riot Games, to massively successful projects such as PolkaStarter and management for AllianceBlock; the next iteration in a line of industry changing platforms is here. Perfecting one step after another to plan the best Party possible, has everybody anxious with excitement to begin the newest journey in Web3; Party Finance. $pFI.
Building a championship team is no easy feat. And taking that team to success is even more difficult. Each team being a sum of its parts, and each part playing a pivotal role in its effectiveness. $pFi has amassed The Dream Team of Party Animals, taking everybody with them; and letting the rest come along for the ride. The Party at PartyFinance, is going to be one hell of a riot.




The ultimate goal throughout the PartyFinance experience is allowing all users to become easily integrated into the entire ecosystem of DeFi.