2 min readAug 9, 2021



After some setbacks, we’re proud to announce that our Revenue Generating NFTs are finally live and we couldn’t be more excited🥳🥳.

Minting is going on right now on PolkaPlace. You can mint your Party Apes from;

All you need to do is connect your wallet and you can mint any randomly generated NFT. Remember there will be only 1000 NFTs going for 500 USDC each.

20% of all PolkaParty Revenue in the future goes to the NFT holders and the different tiers will get different percentages of the 20% revenue. The Gold and Platinum NFTs will also come with accompanying $POLP rewards.

1,000 minted:
Tier 5: There will be only 32 of them to get 0.125% of Revenue.

Tier 4: There will be only 64 of them to get 0.0625 of Revenue.

Tier 3: There will be only 128 of them to get 0.03125% of Revenue.

Tier 2: There will be only 256 of them to get 0.015625% of Revenue.

Tier 1: There will be only 520 of them to get 0.00769231% of Revenue.

Join the Party and go mint yours🚀🚀. Have any questions to ask? Be sure to join our Telegram group and ask away.




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