We’re super excited to keep this party going!

The Polka Party Pool is now live. Users can begin earning rewards for staking their POLP tokens for the next 90 days. All stakers however need to take note of the following details before entering the rewards program.

Pool Duration: 90 days
Rewards Available: 1,000,000 POLP
Token Lock: Yes
Lock Time: Entire Pool Duration
Min Deposit Amount: Unlimited
Max Deposit Amount: Unlimited
Pool Fee: 0.0045 ETH

Link: Head over to

PolkaParty’s mission is to create a seamless user-friendly experience for governance as we expand the DeFi ecosystem one party at a time. PolkaParty allows users to join together and gain access to all features of DeFi by just joining a single party! PolkaParty is also the first auto-liquidity (AL) token on ERC-20. $POLP takes a 5% tax from every transaction and adds that to Liquidity (POLP-USDC). The first to implement this on the Ethereum platform.



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The ultimate goal throughout the PartyFinance experience is allowing all users to become easily integrated into the entire ecosystem of DeFi.